Conference presenting the findings of Foresight European chemical Pesticide Free Agriculture in 2050

March 21, 2023: 9:30 am - 5:15 pm

MGEN Grand Amphitheatre

3 Square Max-Hymans 75015 Paris

Face-to-face and Streaming

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Foresight European chemical Pesticide Free Agriculture in 2050

The negative impacts of chemical pesticide use on the environment, biodiversity and health have become a major concern for citizens and consumers, and have been addressed by European and national public policies. In view of the limited impacts of the measures set up to reduce the use of pesticides, there is a need for research to shift from reducing their use, to conceiving chemical pesticide-free agriculture.

The foresight study “European Pesticide Free Agriculture in 2050” has been conducted as part of the French national Priority Research Programme “Growing and Protecting crops Differently” led by INRAE. During two years, the foresight has been exploring the conditions for chemical pesticide-free agriculture in Europe, mobilizing around hundred researchers, including participants and coordinators of the research projects funded by the Priority Research Programme “Growing and Protecting crops Differently”, and stakeholders. Linked to the European Research Alliance “Towards a Chemical Pesticide Free Agriculture“, the foresight developed a systemic approach connecting chemical pesticide-free cropping systems with the evolution of food systems, diets, territories, public policies, taking into account climate change. The foresight has generated scenarios of chemical pesticide-free agriculture in the European Union in 2050, answering three questions.

What could be the different forms of a chemical pesticide-free agriculture and food systems in Europe in 2050? With what impacts on land use, production, trade and greenhouse gas emissions? What could be the different pathways towards these different forms of chemical pesticide-free agriculture?

The outcomes of this study will be presented on 2023, March 21st, during a one-day conference in Paris.

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  • Date
    March 21, 2023
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    3 Square Max-Hymans 75015 Paris
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